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Founded in 1988, by Gary Weitl, Weitl's Aeration Service is the only exclusive service dedicated to repairing and restoring corrugated steel grain aeration tubing in the U.S.A. Our on-site service gets you back to full capacity without disruption of your operation. The Restoration process takes your damaged aeration tubing, straightens it, repairs any holes, re-fastens seams and repairs any broken splices. Even extensive damaged tubing can be restored to its orginal form, minimizing waste. We have restored thousands of aeration tubes and connecting bands to their orginal structural form.

We understand your need to reduce replacement costs while maintaining proper ventilation for grain storage, thus providing the customer with a significant savings over new tubing. However, we do offer new aeration tubing, with delivery, at very competitive prices for replacement and operation expansion. We are committed to your satisfaction and are looking forward to being of service to you. Well before harvest begins is the best time to give us a call so that we can be sure to sched-ule you for service

We are committed to customer satisfaction,

Gary E. Weitl


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